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• Are you confident that you are calculating your employees' wages correctly?
• Do you always ensure they are paid on time?
• Do you find it difficult managing their annual leave, sick leave and holiday pay?
• Do you want to keep salary and pay details confidential from all your staff?

Have you thought about outsourcing your Payroll to a Whakatane Chartered Accounting firm? Ake Accounting recognises that the management of payroll can be complicated and time consuming process for business owners. It can be difficult to manage leave entitlements, as well as ensuring compliance with Inland Revenue. Ake Accounting has built a team who are proficient at managing small business payrolls. Our expertise and experience in this area means you can confidently pass this task to us and have peace of mind knowing that your payroll requirements will be completed correctly.

What is involved?
You will have an initial meeting with us so we can understand your requirements, existing procedures and current payroll circumstances. We will then gather data from your current system and set up your new payroll service through Ake Accounting. Depending on your requirements, we will then do a weekly/fortnightly/monthly payroll calculation for your employees based on emailed time sheets from yourselves and advise you of the correct payment amounts to make into your employees' accounts or arrange payment for you. We will also do the filing of your Inland Revenue PAYE obligations and advise of payment amounts.