Ake Accounting

Māori Focused Businesses, Farming & Land Trusts

Kia Ora from Ake Accounting, trusted Whakatane accountants specialising in accounting, advisory and mentoring services custom tailored to Māori Business, Farming and Land Trusts.  Our kaupapa is to empower Māori organisations to reach their potential with a distinctly Māori approach that integrates Māori values and culture (the “lore”) with business and financial practices (the “law”).

Address: 106 Commerce St, Whakatane 3158  |  PO Box: 643, Whakatane 3158
Phone: 0800 750 066 or 07 308 4414  |  Email: info@akeaccounting.co.nz


Ake Mission

To define the aspirations of the owners of the land and businesses, and then work alongside to achieve those aspirations.

Ake Principles

One word — Kaitiakitanga

Ake Pricing

To provide premium quality services at a fair and reasonable cost.

Ake People

Briton Williams (Director) and John Fisher (Director)

We are supported by the Ake team of Matthew Davis, Tanisha Jones, Tania-Rose Taitoko, Juanita Mottram and Minta Pryor

Ake Services

  • Monthly accounting
  • Monthly administration
  • Year end accounting and taxation
  • Governance mentoring for Trustees of Maori Land Trusts
  • Business Development Programme specifically tailored for Maori Land Trusts engaged in the Nga Whenua Rahui land conservation, protection and bio-diversity programme
  • Providing a “shared learning model” for the understanding of financial reports


Tiki Hutching
Pou Whakahaere (Manager), Nga Whenua Rahui

"This governance programme took into account the cultural principles that apply to Maori focused business capabilities in relationship to Strategic Intent / Planning and Stewardship / Guardianship (Kaitiakitanga). I have no hesitation in recommending John to any prospective clients."

Murray Reade
Trustee, Te Rawhiti 3B2 Ahuwhenua Trust

"John provided very sound advice and guidance to the Trustees during training. John has a very relaxed style, which coupled with his sense of humor enabled him to engage effectively with the Trustees. John displayed a wealth of experience in this field, which he used to challenge the Trustees during the meeting."

Recent Work Undertaken

Maori Trust Board

  • Monthly accounting and reporting to Trust Board

Maori Land Court

  • Forensic accounting and reporting to Court

Ahu Whenua Trust (in partnership with Nga Whenua Rahui)

  • Business Governance Programme for Trustees

Maori Family Trust

  • Monthly accounting and reporting to Trustees
  • Advisor to Trustees

Maori Lands Trust

  • Monthly accounting and reporting to Trust Board
  • Financial governance Programme for Trustees